Bicep flex their marketing muscle - Part 2

Bicep are the talk of electronic music right now.

Their second LP, Isles, dropped on Ninja Tune two weeks ago reaching #2 in the U.K. album charts. Part II of The Blueprint #001 shows you how Ninja Tune and Bicep flexed their marketing muscles to release an album planned for the dancefloor when dancefloors are off-limits. 

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The Motion Graphics

Let’s start by talking about the motion graphics used for the artwork of Isles and its lead singles throughout the campaign. 

The artwork and animations are designed by Studio Degrau. The animated monumental sculptures give Isles its own identity that effortlessly translates to a number of different online mediums. The artwork is iconic it also translates to vinyl sleeves and stand-alone prints. 

"Bicep is more than electronic music. It is a full experience. One worth snapping and contemplating in your life. Eternalising those moments into monumental sculptures was our gut. Our will. This is the first part of a bigger adventure, one that makes us really proud of having the opportunity to come on board." - Studio Degrau on Instagram

I can only imagine what the production of the live show is going to be like...

Private Fan Community

One of the biggest challenges for an artist during the last 12 months has been connecting with their audience. With the vast majority of Bicep’s audience connecting at live gigs, Ninja Tune invited Bicep’s fans to a private WhatsApp via a QR code.

Members of the group were sent out news, audio and video clips or behind-the-scenes content. This created an exclusive feel to the group, with fans receiving news straight to their phone.

AR Filter - London and Belfast takeover

To take it one step further, Ninja Tune and Bicep created a bespoke AR filter. This launched a week before their album release date through Instagram Stories, encouraging fans to create unique content on the app.

To further encourage their fanbase to get involved, Ninja Tune and Bicep promised they would choose their favourite filters and project them on landmark buildings in Belfast and London.