Market your music like Hot Since 82

Hot Since 82 has one of the best online presences in the electronic music scene. In this weeks Blueprint, we break down the marketing strategy of his latest album ‘Recovery‘.

The LP featured collaborations with Rudimental, Boy George, Jamie Jones, Miss Kitten, Lizz Cass, Ed Graves and Temple. The record has just under 10 million streams across Spotify and YouTube, thanks to a combination of hi-res lifestyle content, crossposting live streams (Facebook and YouTube) and instantly recognisable artwork.

Remember, the blueprint to success is right in front of you. You just have to look in the right places.

Hot Since 82 – Recovery


Each track on the album has its own identity on Spotify and YouTube. The fluid watercolours provided the perfect backdrop for the melodic house style of the artist.

This eye-catching artwork plays a huge role in the identity of the album.


Hot Since 82 announced his album Recovery in June. The lead track Eye of the Storm was released shortly after a remix for popular band Foals.

The key moment was a live stream from his home kitchen in partnership with Mixmag. Daley played both tracks in the stream and repurposed the live stream into short clips for his social media.


June 12IG: Hot Since 82 announces his Foals remix

June 12DSP: Remix released on all digital platforms

June 14Hot Since 82 shares digital asset of the remix

June 26IGTV: First announcement of Eye of the Storm

June 26 IG: Music clip of Eye of the Storm

June 27IG: Music clip of Eye of the Storm from the kitchen live stream

June 27 YT: Eye of the Storm linked in the description

July 2IG: Music clip of Foals remix from kitchen live stream

Sharing personal content

There was a gap of three months between the first single and the next release.

In these three months, Daly shared a series of throwbacks. There were images and videos from previous tours alongside lifestyle content from his hometown of Leeds.


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On August 21st, Daley introduced baby Enzo to his fans with the caption:

“Completely in love 👶, 1 week early, 4 days old and strong as an Ox, he laughs, he wriggles, he poops and he feeds, oh boy does he feed but he couldn’t be any more perfect if he tried. He’s beautiful.

The adventure of being his Daddy has begun and I can’t wait for the ride. We love you, buddy. Let’s go Enzo ❤️😎👶🌍👨‍👩‍👦”

The gap in marketing fit around the birth of his son. Four days later, Daly shared a video of Enzo with him in the studio. This video has 97,875 views and over 16 thousand likes.

Create big moments

The marketing for the album Recovery began in October.

With clubs, events and festivals postponed, Hot Since 82 and his team produced three live streams and an interview about the album.


The Hot Since 82 and Rudimental collaboration came about thanks to a campaign from BBC Radio 1 named Lockdown Link-up.

The live stream was the first-ever b2b between Daly and Rudimental. The b2b took place on the outdoor terrace of London venue Oval Space. The stream was premiered live on October 17th, eight days after the track was first premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Danny Howard.

The first track in the live stream is their brand new collaboration ‘Be Strong‘. You can find the link in the description of the YouTube video.


October 9 Radio: ‘Be Strong’ premiered live on BBC Radio 1 by Danny Howard

October 16 IG: Hot Since 82 and Rudimental share an image and an audio clip

October 17 YT: The b2b live stream premiered on Facebook and YouTube

October 17 IG: Hot Since 82 shares a raw clip on Instagram

October 23Hot Since 82 and Rudimental share a video explaining how the collaboration came about


“An album is where I feel most comfortable now. I think it’s got more longevity. It really tells a story, hopefully, the listener can understand the emotions and the story behind each track as a whole body of work.”

The interview (above) reveals all the production secrets from the Recovery album. The stand-out moments are the backstories to Nightfall featuring London vocalists Temple and the story behind working with Boy George on Body Control.

💡 Light Bulb Moment: Boy George talks about the rave scene in 1982 on the track Body Control – the year Daley was born 😉


The short video clip of the landing from the hot air balloon live stream is one of Hot Since 82’s most engaging post on Instagram – ever!

The video is unique for two reasons:

  1. It is recorded in a hot-air balloon

  2. The tracklist is the album mixed for the first and only time


November 18 IG: Hot air Balloon teaser is taken from the artist interview31,759 views

November 19 IG: Hot air balloon stream announcement10,115 likes

November 28IG: Hot air balloon landing – shared on the morning of the stream103,359 views

November 28YT: Hot air balloon video premiered to YouTube454,502 views

November 28 IG: Watch the stream back on YouTube now53,943 views

November 29 IG: Raw clip of Body Control from the hot air balloon53,145 views


The final moment of the campaign was a live stream from Hartlepool Beach in 4-degree temperatures.

What stands out for me in this campaign is the drone footage from the stream. The video is an incredible moment of Hot Since 82’s track ‘Hide‘ from the album. Anyone who knows me well enough will know I love symmetry, so seeing a drone fly directly between the wooden pier used as a backdrop is pretty cool to me.

This video was a partnership with Beatport. This video has been streamed more than the hot air balloon video on YouTube. Just the casual 579,150 streams so far.

Watch the set below:


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