How FUSE launched an open-air festival

FUSE is one of my favourite brands in the electronic music scene.

The event and record label run by Enzo Siragusa announced their first open-air festival in London in 2021. The event sold out in a record-breaking 52 minutes.

This is a timeline of what they shared organically on Instagram.

March 11 - We're Ready To Rave

FUSE teased fans that something big was coming with a post a few weeks after Boris Johnson revealed the road map for events and nightclubs to return.

March 19 - It's Time To Reset. It's Time To Return

FUSE love a promo video.

In typical FUSE style, the video showcases London's most famous landmarks before glitching into club footage of Enzo Siragusa in amongst the rave.

This time the footage of the city paints London as a ghost town, and a recording of a London news reporter announces the Prime Minister has placed London, England and the United Kingdom into a drastic lockdown due to the spreading of Covid-19.

The words ‘It’s time to reset. It’s time to reunite. It’s time to return’ flash across the screen before a warped FUSE bassline kicks in.

The buzzwords continue to flash across the screen.

  • Our biggest date yet

  • Open-air

  • Sunday 5 September

  • East London Location

  • Sign-up for priority access tickets

  • Line-up coming soon

The call to action is the announcement of a sign-up process for fans to sign-up for priority tickets.

Tickets go on sale at 11 am on Monday 29 March. Ten days later.

21 March - The Competition

The best way to increase the awareness of your event and to encourage sign-ups is a competition.

FUSE encouraged fans to “like this post, share to your story and tag three mates who you can’t wait to rave with”. To add that extra bit of engagement, FUSE encouraged unlimited entries “the more you tag, the higher your chance of winning.”

The competition post has 4,750 comments. The original announcement has 264 – an increase in engagement of 1,699%.

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24 March - The Line-up Announcement

With over 12,000 sign-ups already, FUSE announces the trio of Dan Ghencia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky will join label-boss Enzo Siragusa at the event.

26 March - 15,000 sign-ups

FUSE confirm Dan, Dyed and Shonky will play a three-hour set. 

The capacity of the event is 7,000 people.

Tickets go on sale in three days.

27 March - Location Announced

After teasing an open-air location in the original promo video, the location of the event is announced two days before the tickets go on sale.

29 March - Event Sold Out

FUSE announces the event has sold out in a record-breaking 52 minutes.

Opportunity leads to opportunity.

They use the sell-out event announcement to tease their 13th Birthday event

10 May - Full line-up announcement

With the event sold out, the full line-up is released six weeks later.

21 July - The after-party

Do you know what FUSE love more than a promo video?

An afterparty.

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