Andrew Leese: How I discovered electronic music

Happy 3rd Birthday Socially Sound.


But instead of it feeling like a day to celebrate, it feels like a kick up the arse.

I lost my highest-paying client two weeks ago because they said my head was somewhere else.

And they were right.

Steven Bartlett talks about the ideas shelf. It’s an imaginary place of ideas that you have in your head.

Three years after starting this business in the depths of the pandemic, there has been one idea still sitting on that shelf - YouTube.

YouTube is the platform where I believe I can make the most impact. Here’s why:

Width vs depth

There is a lesson in my Academy that talks about width vs depth.

Width is viewership.

It’s how many views your content gets. It’s a very thin line as someone can always be viewing your content for the first time - even if you’re Coldplay.

Depth is connection.

Depth is the ongoing relationship with a fan. The longer it goes on the stronger it gets - just like a house.

In order to build depth - I need to expand my width.

If you have been reading this newsletter since the beginning (thank you!), we have depth. You are still here as you trust me to give you insight and perhaps learn a thing or two.

It’s now time to do this with new people.

YouTube not only opens up a new audience, but it also opens up a whole world of creativity. I can make longer videos about artists, labels and strategies.

In the next few weeks, I am going to upload some of the very early videos that I made to Instagram and YouTube. Here’s why:

  1. I want to build out my channel

  2. I want to tell my story

  3. I want to see if people like them

  4. I want the feedback to make better videos

  5. I want to provide you with more value

This is the plan

Think of the Socially Sound YouTube channel as The Blueprint x James Cordon’s Late Late Show.

I'm not going to be doing Carpool Karaoke anytime soon but it's a great comparison. James Cordon didn't build a talk show, he built a media company modelled on a variety show.

I want to build a media company/variety show around electronic music, artist stories and social media.

That’s the beauty of YouTube. A cooking show can be about recipes but it can also be a travel blog.

That’s what excites me about this.

YouTube opens up the whole electronic music scene - just like The Blueprint did in the pandemic when the scene when to shit.

So here's my first video. 

It’s not perfect.

There’s an error in the audio that I should have picked up on. There’s so much room for improvement but most of all it’s about 20-year-old Andrew who was just working it out. Soon-to-be 34-year-old Andrew is still figuring it out so I'm just like you now. I'm an artist. I'm a content creator. I need to distribute my content further to grow.

Happy 3rd Birthday Socially Sound - here’s to figuring it out 🍷

If you made it this far - here's something else I'm working on.

Look out for Spotify audio clips and a second weekly Blueprint being published on Fridays.

Peace ✌️

Andrew at Socially Sound 🧢

Watch Part 2 below.