Andrew Leese: Stoke-on-Trent to Ibiza


Let’s fast forward a few years. 

It’s now the summer of 2013.

I’ve been working at Alton Towers for three years. 

I’m fucking miserable. 

Underground Source was going places. 

I was going to festivals in London meeting more of my favourite DJs. 

I kept asking myself - how can I do this full-time? 

In my mind, there was only one place to go. 

Ibiza was like Hollywood to me. 

I compare it to someone moving to LA, dreaming of becoming an actor.

That was me, except I wanted to work in the music industry. 

At the time, I was reading every Ibiza Spotlight article. I wanted to do what they were doing. 

After a bad day at work, I saw a friend had a spare room until the end of the season. 

The next day, I booked a one-way flight to Ibiza for two weeks time. 

After working every shift possible to raise the money, I got to Ibiza at the end of August.

My plan was to write about Ibiza on Underground Source.

In my first week, I was introduced to an American dude at the bar in Space. 

It turned out he was the Ibiza editor for Pulse Radio. 

I managed to talk myself into an internship. 

A week ago, I was clearing plates at Alton Towers Hotel. 

Now I was writing about Richie Hawtin and Dubfire at Space. 

What was happening?

At the end of the season, I got a job working for a social media agency. 

I stayed on the island in the winter, quitting Alton Towers via text message. 

Accepting this job meant the end of Underground Source but I was being paid a salary for doing what I wanted to do. 

In May 2014, my family came to visit me. We had the best family holiday ever. I loved showing my sister and my parents the island that meant so much to me. 

My first professional season on the island was carnage. I made friends for life and saw the sunset every day. This was the best summer of my life. 

A year later, I landed my dream job at Ibiza Spotlight in the same week that my sister passed away from cystic fibrosis. 

Life was about to get really blurry. 

I’ll tell you all about that in Part III. 

If you missed Part 1, watch it below.