The power of music and storytelling

The Blessed Madonna shared an emotional story on her social media this week after she played b2b with Fred again.. at Glastonbury.

"Marea" (We've Lost Dancing) has over 220 million streams on Spotify. Released in February 2021, the track became an anthem during the pandemic.

This was the first time The Blessed Madonna played the track out in a set. In her caption, she says a sentence that I really dig. "It always felt so personal and so much a part of your stories and Fred's story."

Below is the caption The Blessed Madonna shared.

Here's the video on Instagram for you to watch. I recommend you click this, honestly.

Where did this happen?

So let me set the scene.

Fred again.. and The Blessed Madonna go b2b at Glastonbury on The Temple Stage. I'm unsure if this was announced or unannounced, but many people seemed to know about it.

The caption mentions how much work went into making this stage safe for the dance floor before they went on to play. I have a lot of respect for that.

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Let's talk about the video

Okay, so this is also gold. It's low quality but beautifully edited.

The video has three pieces of footage: one from the DJ booth and two clips from the dance floor.

  1. The front-on shot

This is important. It feels Boiler Room-esque. Something Fred again.. knows a bit about. It's also important to note that this camera is static and placed there in advance.

  1. Fan content

The video transitions to the dance floor for the moment of the drop and then back to the DJ booth where Fred is locked into the mix. The Blessed Madonna is clearly emotional. The video then goes to the fans with different footage (likely downloaded from a tag online).

The track

The Blessed Madonna's caption also mentions that Fred cued up a version of the track so she could speak over it. This could have been done live but it's more likely Fred had prepared many different versions of this track for his sets over the years. We are seeing more and more artists creating bootlegs again and experimenting with genres.

Why this video means a lot

This moment was dedicated to Marea's Dad, who unfortunately passed away during lockdown.

Music is the most powerful source of storytelling on the planet. Tell your stories. Seriously.

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