DESNA: Intertwining techno and healing frequencies

Introducing DESNA

DESNA is one of the many new and exciting artists making waves in the electronic music scene. Her label Music Made Frequency combines healing frequencies with techno. After the unfortunate passing of her late stepfather in 2021, DESNA took inspiration from the doctor looking after her chemotherapy. The doctor recommended her father listen to certain frequencies of music as studies have shown these vibrations may eradicate cancer cells. This part of DESNA's life led her to create her label and helped place her faith in the frequencies of techno music.

The frequencies are front and centre of her brand

Last October, DESNA released a three-track EP titled ‘IN Hz. The lead track ‘Opera Hymm 118 Hz’ is approaching 115,000 streams on Spotify. In 2022, she was invited to join Adam Beyer and the Drumcode crew at Brooklyn Mirage and was a guest on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave Radio show.

DESNA decided she would not hide the frequency behind other sounds in her tracks and keep the volume low, she wanted it front and centre. It took a lot of experimenting for the tonal deep frequency of 528hz to sound smooth in a techno track but she has put out two EPs “IN Hz” and “Psychic Liberation” all featuring the solfeggio scale frequencies.

You can see below the frequency stated in each of her track names:

Densa even posted stand-alone frequencies between releases on her Instagram.

Wear headphones when you listen:

396Hz: Here DESNA posts 396Hz frequency to help remove fear and guilt accompanied by a gradient violet ring.

174Hz: Here DESNA posts 174Hz frequency, thought to relieve pain and stress, accompanied by a captivating rotating green ring visual.

528hz - 258: Here she posts the miracle love frequencies highlighted in her latest releases, accompanied by a stunning black heart tunnel visual.

How music and healing work together

Music and the art of healing have been intertwined since the beginning of time. In a post-covid world and rapidly-growing entertainment industry, pockets of wellness events have sprung up in Brooklyn New York with artists like DESNA leading the way.

Cacao ceremonies are inspired by the Central American tradition of drinking heart-opening, warm natural hot chocolate, to then engaging in ecstatic, or free-flowing, dance to a whimsical DJ set. This is what a one-day wellness event could look like, all while being in a group of strangers! Sound familiar?

Since dance floors have reopened, collectively people agree they need some healing. These events found in cities all across America have highlighted the true beauty of the dance music industry. The interconnectedness felt between humans is fuelled by our love for high-quality sound and experiences.

DENSA's Breakthrough Year

DENSA is now a Brooklyn native after catching the attention of Output in 2017. She takes time to infuse her tracks with 528Hz healing frequencies. Part of the solfeggio scale, a 6-tone music scale known to have healing properties, 528Hz is known as the miracle frequency thought to bring transformation, awareness, creativity, and inner peace. Healing frequencies have been used in music as far back as The Beatles, but in electronic music, DESNA is one the first to make it her entire brand.

The decision to incorporate healing frequencies came from her mother asking her to make longer frequencies that help with the pain. The doctor treating her stepfather mentioned recent studies on sound healing and how they have been proven to aid in recovery. This confirmed to DESNA that she wanted to hone this sub-genre of “healing frequency techno.”

After collaborative mixes with the YouTube channel Sapien Medicine (a channel with a whopping 145,629,653 views), she features a mix she made using 528hz to inspire radical emotional change. DESNA decided she would start her record label Frequency Made Music. Here her concepts and tracks could have a place to call home, without signing off her EPs to different labels and keeping her overall vision unified.

So what can you learn from this?

Here are three quick tips for you to consider for your own marketing strategy:

  • Turn adversity into an opportunity

  • Match the sound of your music with a strong accompanying visual

  • Strengthen your foundation, learn vinyl and brush up on your music theory.

All the best on your journey.

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