How Ewan McVicar built his fanbase

Ewan McVicar has taken the electronic music scene by storm with a series of releases and sellout shows in the last few years.

If you don’t know much about Ewan, his breakout record ‘Tell Me Something Good‘ has over 50 million streams on Spotify alone. The release originally came out on Patrick Topping’s Trick but is now under exclusive licence to Ministry Of Sound Recordings. That might make him sound like a bit of a one-hit-wonder but that is a complete lie. Follow-up releases ‘El Bombo’ and ‘Heather Park’ are both approaching 1 million streams with a recent remix for ‘Mura’ clocking up over 3 million streams. Just look at how many people turned up to see him at The Steel Yard at Creamfields 👀

Ewan McVicar - Heather Park

Ewan created hype for ‘Heather Park’ for a year before it was released on Ninja Tune in July by playing it as the last track of his sets.

The track is named after the street that Ewan grew up on. In a short interview with Mixmag, Ewan says he created the track by drawing as much emotion as he could about what it was like growing up in Ayr. The music video on YouTube is a combination of Ewan and his brothers as kids and the 26-year adult revisiting where he grew up.

The video’s description reads as follows:

“‘Heather Park’ was the street I grew up on & where I have so many cherished memories. The video represents how far my family & I have come from 3 brothers (Neill, Ewan, Rory) in the one room scrapping, laughing, and crying, my Maw, Briso & Papa taking care of us all. Playing football out the back, me taking a ‘maddie’ oot the back door and rattling my toy snake off the whirligig. It represents that nostalgic feeling of a real family home & a world away from the real world. So glad it is finally here & I get to share this beautiful video with everyone. I’ve cried every time av watched it so it’s like Marley & Me now.”

Ewan McVicar live at Creamfields

"first of all thank you @creamfieldsofficial for making a wee guys dream come true, felt so at home in the steel yard & honestly if we do it again a don't want i to play anywhere else haha

i think when a was in the crowd oot ma tattie all those years ago in 2012 a hadn’t even started mixing, then 2018,2019,2021 i come watching/camping/bevying ⏩ 2022 and boft am on one of the best stages (imo) playing in an arena av seen so many acts. my set was meant to be like an old skool big warehouse rave wi some new ones flung in there & all ma own tunes a never really get a chance to play, that's what an envisioned before a got on. no technical mission, no complicating just get up there and play some tunes. its a weird thing this life a know fans just want me to play ma own shit, some of yous like ones and dont like others because a make different types, so a do all ma sets for maself and dont listen tae yis half the time but this one was defos for everyone thats been a fan of my shit since day 1! mad feeling

do yous know how mad it was looking up and knowing that, that many folk even knew me 😂😂😂, thats one of the maddest feelings. got to give ma maw a shoutout @n22een no one deserves moments like that more than her!

if theres anyone out there looking for inspiration, i’ve come from nothing, fae the scheme tae the steel yard & if i can inspire at least one person then i know that what am doing is right. am fuckin buzzin man

that was the best moment of my entire life"

Ewan McVicar - Unfiltered

You will notice that none of Ewan's social media captions is corrected. Even though his audience is growing, his captions are still written exactly how he would say them out loud. This continues the raw and authentic personal brand of McVicar and it’s why his audience gravitates towards him as much as they do. Essentially, Ewan is one of them but he's now hanging with music royalty.

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