Jayda G's new album is dedicated to her Dad

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I am drawn to artists who combine music with their personal life. These tracks hit differently. You feel the details instead of hearing them.

Jayda’s Dad left an 11-hour recording behind for his family. Jayda describes her Dad’s recordings as the bedrock of this album in an Instagram post that talks about the inspiration behind the album. “It’s about my Dad and his story, and naturally in part my story, too but it’s also about so many people who wanted more for themselves and went on a search to find that. ‘Guy’ is a message of hope, of how understanding yourself, or where you came from, can help you grow and better support yourself and those around you.”

Jayda G – Circle Back Around – Music Video

The recordings left by Jayda’s Dad to feature heavily in the official music video on YouTube. There are three stories that have all been cut down and repurposed into Shorts, Reels and TikTok.

The music video on YouTube starts with a story about her Dad almost getting caught by the police.

“Walking down the alley's arms loaded with stuff. Police spotlight dead on us caught red-handed. We throw them up in the air and start running. We light out through the backyard jumping people’s fences. Talk about running hurdles. I ran, I ran this way. My house is over here. I ran this way, a long way. Circle back around. Circle back around. Circle back around. Took me a long time man.”

The single is called ‘Circle Back Around’. It’s all inspired by her Dad’s words and stories. The video cuts out with her Dad telling Jayda and her family that he loves her very much.

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Understand your audience

Ninja Tune and Spotify advertised Jayda G’s new single as part of ‘New Music Friday’ on the side of the Toronto Eaton Centre in Canada. Jayda is now London-based but she grew up in the mountains of Canada in a small town surrounded by trees and lakes.

Jayda shared this picture on Instagram with the caption:

“Can’t believe I am up on a billboard wearing my dad’s old T-shirt. Have no idea where he got it but I definitely have strong memories of it. What a moment🥹🥹🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️”

Know your audience. Advertise in the key places and tell the story for those that don’t know. It works.

Distribution of your music is really important.

Okay so here's a tip on how to use Spotify in 2023.

Here's how Jayda's new single looks on Spotify right now.

So why is this clever?

Well, both of these releases came out on Ninja Tune. This is the “waterfall effect” evolving as Spotify finds clever new ways to push streams to older music on the platform by using new music.

Now how can you do this?

Well, first of all, you need more than one release on the same label. If you have that, you can add your older releases into the same playlist as your new ones and let the streams scale.

You can also do this by remixing your older releases and using the remixes to filter new interests into the original.

Jayda G loves fashion.

I talk about this a lot. Secondary interests that crossover are essential. Jayda G is a fierce fashion icon within the music industry. The crossover is a vibe. She is often tagging her stylists in her photos from her tour life, sharing colourful and vibrant images from festivals like Coachella and Sonar. She then shares low-quality but fun club videos behind the images so her grid looks 🔥

That’s it for this week but I’ll leave you all with some of Jayda G’s best looks.

I’ll shout it to the people at the back one more time – COMBINE YOUR INTERESTS!!!! 😅

See you next week.

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