Market your music like Krystal Klear

Krystal Klear is an Irish DJ who lives in New York.

He's one of my favourite artists for three reasons:

  1. His music is 🔥

  2. He loves a peace sign (like me)

  3. He can play on lineups across the board from Robert Johnson to Glitterbox to Patrick Topping's Trick

Honestly, not many artists can do what he does with such ease without changing who they are as an artist. Maybe it's the Irish bloodline.

Yesterday, Krystal Klear shared a video of himself promoting his new single Tokyo Flower.

This is what he said in the video. Word for word.

"So I've got this marketing team and they are telling me that I need to create a video to tell everyone that tomorrow I am releasing new music.

One problem with that is, I went out last night in Paris until 8.30 this morning and got absolutely shit-faced. I'm sat here on the canal drinking a Guinness trying to nurse my fears and sins.

So for those of you who care, I've got a new single coming out tomorrow.

And for those of you that don't, I don't give a fuck. It's not your problem and it's not mine.

Salut ✌️ "

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The three lessons from this week's newsletter are:

  1. Anti-promotion works

  2. If you can pull it off - build a brand around it

  3. Keep it going until it doesn't work anymore and try something else

What is Anti promotion?

Anti-promotion is promotion but in a negative tone.

Why does anti-promotion work?

Artists are starting to rebel against social media by using social media. Krystal Klear is an expert in reading the audience from the dance floor and an expert in reading his audience online too. They are the same people after all.

Klear is a regular at Robert Johnson - a club where no phones are allowed to film. The audience embraces this. Online the same audience does not want their favourite artists to heavily promote their music.

Has Krystal Klear done this before?

When Krystal Klear released his 'Essentia' EP last November (also out on Running Back),  he shared a similar speech on Instagram about how he wasn't going to fall into the trap of 'shamelessly promoting his single' to his audience; only to lower the camera to show a homemade t-shirt that says 'Essentia' out now.

See you next week.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🧢

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