Michael Bibi's return to Solid Grooves

Welcome back to Season 3 of The Blueprint.

The last time I sent out an email was Tuesday 11th July. Have you missed me?

This week Michael Bibi made a heroic return at Solid Grooves Closing Party in Ibiza.

In the first episode of Season 3, we are going to break down what happened and why it meant so much to so many people.

What happened?

Six months ago, Michael Bibi shocked the world by announcing he had cancer. One minute he was playing b2b with Maceo Plex in Miami, the next he was cancelling all of his gigs for the summer.

On Wednesday 26th September, Bibi posted that he had been released from the hospital after six months of intense treatment.

Minutes later, Solid Grooves shared the final lineup for their closing party with the addition of a very special guest. Then they released the set times, with the special guest playing 10-11 p.m. in the DC-10 Garden.

When Bibi shared a photo from an aeroplane window, it was confirmed.

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Thursday 26th September will go down in clubbing history

Solid Grooves Closing Party is the date that got Bibi through his treatment. None of us will ever understand what he has gone through over the last six months. But now looking back at what's happened, Bibi must have dreaming of Thursday 26th September for months.

We all do it. We all dream and look ahead. But this hits differently in a way none of us will truly understand.

Why does this mean so much to so many people?

Michael Bibi is the person of influence behind Solid Grooves.

In any typical business, you can remove a CEO and replace him/her with somebody else. In an artist-led business like Solid Grooves, if you take out the artist, it can all fall apart.

Unless you have depth. A fanbase. An audience who will follow you anywhere. Solid Grooves has that. Throughout the summer of 2023, Solid Grooves has not had its person of influence behind the decks, but that does not mean that the brand has fallen apart. If anything, its influence has become stronger.

But it's not just Bibi's audience. It's the audience of the team behind Solid Grooves and everyone associated with the brand.

The closing party was a celebration of everything that Solid Grooves stands for. That's pretty special in itself. Add the return of its hero and you have a moment that will impact people's lives forever.


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