Market your radio show like Moxie

Moxie's NTS Radio show is the only radio show that I listen to every week.

"Keep It Wednesdays" has been running in its weekly slot of 3 pm on NTS for over a decade. Moxie is one of the 'day dot' presenters on the London-based station.

I started listening to her weekly at 3 pm in the office in London. During the pandemic, Moxie’s voice was like another voice in the room. Then I started noting how Moxie was marketing her radio show from her own home on Instagram. Moxie’s Blueprint inspired The Blueprint newsletters in the first place.

You can watch the full video on how Moxie markets her radio show on YouTube.

How Moxie posts to Instagram

Moxie uses Instagram carousels to market her radio show. She does exactly the same time over and over again. That's what you've got to do.