Peggy Gou takes over London during Pride month

This week's Blueprint comes with a disclaimer - do not listen to Peggy Gou's new single (It Goes Like) Nanana.

Unless you want to be singing na na na na na all summer while you're dancing around your kitchen.

Peggy and XL Recordings have the track of the summer.

Since Friday it has 3,583,612 streams (that's 3 and a half million) and it's number three in the Beatport overall Top 100.

Na na na na.


When you release your music is important

Could I talk to you guys about key dates anymore than I already do?

XL Recording has been very smart with this release date. They have purposely released this after Overmono's Good Lies album as it's got summer written all over it.

(It Goes Like) Nanana was released on June 15th, one weekend after Peggy's Parklife performance and during Pride month in the U.K. - that right there is how to release a track to your core market. Funnily enough, Jayda G also released her album Guy on Ninja Tune on June 9th. These two record labels know what they are doing.

When you release your music is important!

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So what did Peggy and XL Recordings do on release week?

Remember when I talked about Fred again.., Skrillex, Four Tet, Overmono, Charlotte de Witte and Hot Since 82 doing pop-up events?

Guess what Peggy Gou did - a pop-up event.

How did Peggy announce the pop-up?

Peggy gave her audience less than two hours notice to turn up at Soho Square in London.

Having announced it only via Instagram story, hundreds and hundreds of fans turned up and of course, it went viral on TikTok. Doesn't it always?

Do things with your audience

The reason why these artists are doing so well right now is simple - they are doing things with their audiences.

The number one way to grow your audience is to capture your audience's attention by doing things with them.

This can be as simple as an exclusive after-party, a pint before your show or inviting 25 people to an exclusive radio show you are doing that is being filmed.

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