Saoirse & Shanti Celeste go record shopping

Ahead of Saoirse and Shanti Celeste's three-room takeover at fabric last month, the London-based nightclub uploaded a fun and light-hearted video of the two artists record shopping at All My Friends in London to their YouTube channel.

Get your notepad out. This one is full of easter eggs

fabric 33:45

If you know your way around a vinyl turntable, the number 33:45 will mean something to you. That's why it's the perfect name for a record shopping series featuring the artists set to play fabric. The overall aim of the feature is to sell tickets and engage fabric's audience. Saoirse and Shanti Celeste are the second artists to feature in the 33:45 series after the first video with Dr Banana launched a year ago.

The video itself only has 3.5k views in the last 12 days but it's the quality of the content that stands out. Could fabric create more content like this? Sure and they should. But it also comes down to artist availability, marketing budget and not overplaying the same content for their audience.

Shanti and Saorise are perfect for this feature as they both live in London and are best friends. Here's to hoping fabric can make 33:45 with Craig Richards in the future.

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The Music - Track IDs

The most important part of the Saoirse and Shanti Celeste 33:45 video (other than the artist themselves) is the music they are listening to. The main objective for the artists in this feature is for them to find records to play at fabric on February 24th. But for the audience, it's about the IDs. It's always about the IDs.

The video editor subtly adds the IDs to the left bottom corner of the video with a black background (see below). I'm sure Saorise and Shanti will have bought plenty of vinyl from this day out that didn't make the final video cut.

See below for the IDs and how they were displayed.

Saoirse's backstory with fabric

There is one more similarity between the 33:45 video and the live stream. Saoirse's love for fabric. If you follow her closely, you will know this story. Saorise was on the dance floor at fabric's birthday. Ricardo was playing at 10/11am. At the time, she was still living in Dublin. Six months later Saorise moved to London because of fabric. The nightclub has played a defining role in her musical education as a raver and as a DJ. She is now at the stage of her career where she is curating a three-room takeover at fabric and the event is selling out.

That's the kind of stories you need to be telling and the kind of storytelling I will be teaching in the Socially Sound Academy.

How 33:45 was shared on social media

Let's talk about how this content rolled out on social media.

There are four profiles involved in this campaign:

1. The Teaser Video

The first video fabric was shared as a teaser. It included the highlights of the video from Saorise and Shanti Celeste dancing to the records with a positive energy to laughing at some of the more out there names for edits that you find on rare pressed vinyl.

>>>> View the teaser video here <<<<

2. The Engagement Video

"Yesss! This is going to be a lot of fun. I am definitely going to play this at fabric"

That's kind of all you need if you are a club/promoter. It's 9 seconds. It's fun. It works.

>>>> Watch it here <<<<

3. Saoirse's back story with fabric

I talked about it earlier. Fabric cropped this video and shared it on their Instagram. It works. If you're a nightclub, you want artists invested in your club. Saorise fabric. It's a match made in heaven.

>>>> Watch it here <<<<

The Location - All My Friends

Finally, let's talk about All My Friends - the underrated star in this video. The location matters. It's light. It's in the heart of East London. It's a great promotion for the store as it will lead to more awareness of the store. I had not heard of it before this video but no doubt I will go and check it out in the future. It's owned by the team behind The Cause. If you want to create content like this, the location is key so involve them in the campaign.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🧢

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