How The Warehouse Project launched Repercussion

'Repercussion' is a brand new festival by The Warehouse Project, Boiler Room and Keep It Unreal.

Repercussion was launched on May 6th as part of The Warehouse Project 2021 season at Depot Mayfield in Manchester. Tickets went on sale alongside five other WHP events – selling out in less than 48 hours. 

In this edition of The Blueprint, the focus is on the branding of The Warehouse Project and Repercussion. It is no longer about the logo and the event flyer. Events need a lot more than that to get your audience’s attention.

Repercussion – What is it?

Repercussion is a brand new day and night festival in Manchester, taking place across five stages in and around Depot Mayfield as part of WHP21 on Saturday 18th September 2021.

Repercussion – Who’s involved?

“Celebrating the return to the dance floor with Boiler Room, Keep it Unreal, Ninja Tune, Worldwide FM, The FACE, MasterSounds and Escape To Freight Island.”

Repercussion – The Branding

Repercussion has three different logos.

1. The first is the word Repercussion.

The font is bold and clean, allowing the word to easily translate across multiple different assets in both black and white.

2. The second logo is outstanding.

This logo is a cymbal/symbol design. A cymbal is a percussion instrument. The target audience of Repercussion is underground music fans. This logo reaches the target audience perfectly.

The blurred-out word creates a spinning motion, creating a CD/vinyl look. The central circle acts as the spindle on the turntable or the hole in the middle of a CD. This logo is the profile picture on Instagram and is used on assets on the feed and in Stories.

There is also a video where the logo spins.

3. The third logo is four different colour R’s layered on top of each other.

This fits perfectly in the top left of several assets. The consistency here is outstanding.


Repercussion has six stages

Repercussion is an indoor and outdoor festival split across six different spaces. The Warehouse Project created a site map and dedicated a post to each of the spaces of the festival:

DEPOT: Manchester’s colossal former railway hub, built in 1910 and now transformed to house the Repercussion main stage.

CONCOURSE: A huge line-up of some of our favourite DJs runs day & night here.
Laurent Garnier is set to play a 3hr late-night closing set in here as the other rooms shut down.

ARCHIVE: We’ll see you under the arches to celebrate our return to the dancefloor. It kicks off in here early afternoon with a very special live performance.

TEMPERANCE STREET: An outdoor street party hosted by Mr Scruff's legendary Keep It Unreal.

STAR & GARTER: For one day only, Repercussion takes over a prized piece of Manchester's history. Expect a high-fidelity audio install from Manchester’s own @mastersounds alongside all vinyl selectors on hand to provide the soundtrack.

REPERCUSSION RECORDS: Welcoming a selection of distributors & labels from across the globe.

Rush Hour. Eastern Bloc. Brownswood Recordings. Sprechen & Friends Records. Ransom Note Records & Klasse. Be With Records. Wilderness Records. Kickin Pidgeon. Heavy Crates. All Ears. Talking Drums.

The Website

Everything you see on Instagram is translated into a beautiful one-page website.

This is outstanding.