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Radio shows are a crucial part of discovery for artists in the music industry. Learn how to market yours and create features that are social media friendly to grow your audience and listenership.

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Learn how to market your music like the top artists in the world.


Learn how to launch your event and scale your revenue.

Timeline: How FUSE launched an open-air festival.
The Blueprint

Timeline: How FUSE launched an open-air festival.

A timeline of how FUSE launched a 7,000 capacity event in London.

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    Spotify Playlists that are regularly updated are key to growing your audience on the platform.


    As an artist, your studio is where you spend the most of your time. Learn how to turn it into a content hub.


    Music videos are still a huge part of pop culture and YouTube is the most undervalued platform by any electronic music artist.


    Facebook has changed dramatically over the years. How to share on Instagram will no longer work on Facebook and vice versa.

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