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Welcome to 1:1 Coaching with Socially Sound founder, Andrew Leese.

The most common problem with the majority of artists and labels that I meet is they don’t know to execute. This all comes down to having a clear roadmap and the systems in place for success. The best artists and labels take projects from zero to six figures because they have a vision and understand how to execute. Yes, they have teams, managers and bigger budgets, but they all started out just like you.

If you’re looking for guidance or just someone to speak to about your vision, then welcome to Socially Sound 1:1 Coaching.

1:1 Coaching consists of completely personalised conversations, which are tailored to you and your specific needs, struggles and goals. At the end of your coaching call, you’ll have actionable ‘next-steps’ to take to help solve or achieve your goals.

If you opt for multiple 1:1 coaching sessions, these goals can be set and evaluated each month to keep you on track.

Just getting started? Let’s grow your audience on social media.

I get it. When you’re starting out you need to do everything yourself but don’t know if you’re doing it right? After being involved in the teams of some of the leading artists and labels, my tried and tested framework and playbooks can help guide you in the right direction to start creating the right content to help you grow your audience.

Session length: 45 minutes.

1 x Coaching Session

3 x Coaching Sessions

Already have an audience but struggling to create content? Let’s change that.

Social media is an ever-changing landscape...What worked for you six months ago may not work for you now. You need to adapt. Adaption comes with balancing and understanding what you want, what the audience wants and what the platform/algorithm wants.

You also need to understand what to post and when to post it. Is your next post a Reel or a carousel? With 1:1 Coaching, I can answer those questions and take away the doubt in your mind to make sure you achieve your goals.

Session length: 45 minutes.

1 x Coaching Session

3 x Coaching Sessions

You run or are planning on launching an event brand? Let’s start scaling your revenue.

We are out of the pandemic but the live event scene is as complicated and unpredictable as ever. Data is king but how you collect it and use it is the most important thing.

The Event Roadmap includes with three 1-hour sessions to be used at the key parts of your campaign. You will also gain access to a series of video content that will help you understand how to collect and utilise your data, use Facebook and Instagram adverts within the new iOS updates and more tricks and tips to help you scale your revenue.

The Event Roadmap

If these three options are not you, here are other ways I can help you build your social media strategy:

Content Creation

• Personal branding
How to grow your audience
Finding your content pillars
How to build your network


Your EP campaign
How to build a strategy
• Artwork and digital assets

• Multiple platform strategy


How to launch your event
Data collection
Facebook Ad training
How to build a landing page


Since Socially Sound launched, I’ve coached over 100 artists, labels and promoters from the U.K, Europe, the U.S and even The Philippines..

About Me

For the past decade, I have worked in the electronic music industry creating and executed marketing campaigns with DJs, artists, labels, conferences and media platforms. I am originally from Stoke-on-Trent, a city with a huge electronic music heritage. I started in the music industry as the content manager at Underground Source, before moving to Ibiza in 2013 in pursuit of making my first steps into the industry.

After an internship at Pulse Radio in 2013 and a year as the Content Manager at Ibiza Club News (2014), I landed my dream job as the Social Media Manager for Ibiza Spotlight in 2015. After four years in Ibiza, I moved to London to head up the Digital Marketing for FUSE London and Enzo Siragusa. My other previous work include roles and strategies for Sasha, Eats Everything, Blond:ish, International Music Summit (IMS Ibiza), Archie Hamilton Kevin Knapp and Mustard Media.

I founded Socially Sound in 2020 with the mission of helping artists think like marketers. My current clients include Maceo Plex, Ellum Audio, Seb Zito, Seven Dials, MicroHertz, wAFF, Nature Records, Subb-an and Volaris.

I look forward to working with you.

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