The Socially Sound Training Academy launches late September/October 2022.

“The Socially Sound Framework and 1000 Ideas are two essential digital products that sit side-by-side designed to help artists and businesses go from idea to execution.”

“Artists are not content creators but creating content and taking an idea from 0 to 1 is essential part of any strategy for artists and businesses at any level in 2022.”

“I am not expecting artists to become marketing experts overnight but taking some responsibility in learning how these platforms work and how they can benefit you is now an essential part of being an artist or business.”

“Education has been a huge part of the pushing the music industry forward. There are thousands of businesses helping artists learn how to DJ and how to make music. But there are no companies teaching artists and businesses on how to manage their social media and build an audience. Until now…

– Andrew Leese (Founder of Socially Sound).

The Framework.
“A proven framework to help artists manage their own social media and build your audience.”

You will learn:

• The three principles of strategy – Storytelling, Engagement and Revenue
• My four-step-system to creating content
• How to create ‘Gold Moments’
• How to work backwards using ‘key dates’

Bonus: Two social media strategy sheets + three ready made strategies.

1000 Ideas
“10 ideas 100 different ways to help you create content and turn your ideas into results.”

You will learn how to:

• Market your music
• Create content in the studio
• Create behind the scenes tour content
• Work with a vocalist

and so much more!

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