Vik Toreus: How to live stream from unique locations.

How to live stream from unique locations - Vik Toreus caught our attention last year with two live streams from a London roof top and forest.

In our second webinar international DJ, Vik Toreus shares how he live-streamed from a 256-foot rooftop and secret forest in London. 

As an artist without a manager or agent, Vik was not in the position to turn up with his memory stick and everything was ready for him. 

Teaming up with videographer David Rincon, Vik invested his own time and money into making two pieces of content that he believed would help enhance his career as an artist.  

Live Streams in unique locations

How to live stream | VikToreus -

Don’ts 🚫

  • Don’t use old equipment on your stream. Rent out the latest equipment so your setup matches your surroundings. YouTube comments can be brutal…
  • Don’t give into venues and their demands for fees before a stream. Vik spoke to a friend who had access to a rooftop venue – this was after he was quoted over Β£500 to use a space.
  • Don’t forget you need power, especially if you are pre-recording your stream in a forest in the middle of nowhere.

Do’s βœ…

  • Create hype – Not all live streams are live. Vik Toreus pre-recorded both of his streams and then shared regular clips before the premiere of the stream.
  • Break down your 1-hour stream into short-form content. Streams are a great opportunity to market your new music. Share clips of unreleased music and send these to the other artists so they can share too.
  • Use a professional videographer – It’s important to work with an experienced videographer who understands your vision.
  • Check your analytics – Understand when is the best day and time to go live to your audience.
  • Check the weather – this is really, really, really, important πŸ˜‰

Create a big moment


  • Treat your live stream like you would a release or an event.

Vik shared teasers to his secret forest stream, creating hype and anticipation. Vik’s DMs blew up with everybody wanting to know what these images and videos were.

Off the back of his two live stream videos, Vik has received messages from DJs, managers and agents with much bigger reputations and followings. 

If it wasn’t for the pandemic, Vik believes these videos would have lead to more DJ bookings. This was his aim before doing the live streams. 


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