#004: Market your radio show like Moxie

Since lockdown began, Moxie has broadcasted 40 NTS Radio shows in her own home.

Every Wednesday between 3-5 pm, Moxie locks in and engages with the NTS community and listeners at home by hosting her two-hour radio show.

Moxie is one of the rare DJs who does not produce. In what is a difficult time for all artists right now, Moxie’s weekly NTS slot gives her something to look forward to every week. These two hours are her opportunity to engage with the world and share the music she’s been collecting.

So how does Moxie market her NTS Radio show? Let’s break it down in The Blueprint #004.

Remember, the blueprint to success is right in front of you. You just have to look in the right places.

The NTS Community

What is NTS Radio?

NTS Radio is a global radio platform built for an international community of music lovers. It is a space for artists, DJs and hosts to explore ideas – through sound or otherwise – without limitation or restriction. 

Introducing Moxie

Moxie has been a member of that community since day dot. Every Wednesday, she brings us anything from house, disco to rolling techno. To keep the show interesting each week, Moxie regularly switches it up and invites guests on to the show with a guest mix.

“Another voice in the room”

Throughout lockdown, NTS Radio has been one of my trusted saviours and I’m not alone. You only have to read the comments in the community chat live on the website to see how many listeners value NTS as a safe space.

Whether I am listening to Moxie’s show live or listening back to the show on her dedicated show page on the NTS website, Moxie’s gentle voice and carefully picked selections have given me another voice in the room during some dark and gloomy days.

Direct access to her fans

Moxie’s weekly NTS slot gives her direct access to her fans away from social media. Radio gives you a unique opportunity to build a one-to-one relationship with your fans. The NTS Community’s live chat gives Moxie the chance to show out her weekly listeners in a way that commercial radio fails, especially in a pandemic where we all spending more time at home.

Building lasting relationships

Any radio host worth their salt makes the listener feel like they are talking to you and only you. That’s exactly how Moxie makes you feel when you are listening.

When you have that kind of intimate relationship with your audience, you can own that space by letting people into a part of your life through your show. Moxie uses her weekly radio show to update her listeners with what’s going on. In the last few weeks, Moxie has recorded a Boiler Room exclusive b2b with Bradley Zero, dropped her merch line and recorded a live stream for Percolate.

I found out about two of these updates through her radio show. By heading to her Instagram, I was able to go straight to YouTube and to her merch landing page (hosted on Big Cartel) through her Link.tree in her Instagram bio.

The personal touch

Now let’s talk about how Moxie owns her Instagram account and how she markets her NTS show. This is a masterclass in creating personal content in your grid of squares.

Moxie | sociallysounddj.com
Moxie | sociallysounddj.com
  • Click the little white arrow on the right to swipe ➡️

Above are two images of Moxie’s Instagram grid. In the 24 images shown, 16 of them feature Moxie herself. That personal intimacy that I spoke about earlier, continues on Moxie’s Instagram thanks to her approach to creating content in her own home.

How to market like Moxie

Instagram Bio

The first thing mentioned in Moxie’s bio is her NTS show. She tells you where it’s broadcast and at what time. Her bio also mentions her merch, how to book her for DJ sets, voiceovers and the handle of her cat (more on @ChonkyFonz later).

Highlight Icons

There is a highlight icon for her NTS show, her new merch and Moxie Presents 5.

Carousel Posts

Moxie hides all of the NTS Radio branded assets with tracklists behind an image of her.

Why? Because nobody engages with flyers. They engage with people. Hiding the flyers and tracklists behind flyers keeps Moxie’s engagement high.


Moxie has a customised link in her Instagram bio with all her latest links. Here will find links to all her latest content features and mixes.

Moxie has upgraded to the paid version, so she can customise this and keep it on brand. The colours used to match a lot of her posts.


Fontaine is Moxie’s cat who is also featured on her Keep It Wednesday’s merch (shown above).

How Moxie uses the Instagram Carousel

How to market your radio show like Moxie
Moxie | sociallysounddj.com
  • Click the right arrow to see an example of how Moxie hides the branded asset provided by NTS with a photo of herself. ➡️

I hope this helps you create more personalised social media content on your Insta when marketing your radio show.

See you next week.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🔊

PS – Remember to keep it Wednesday’s. Even if The Blueprint is now published on Tuesday’s.


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