How Ida shared her Stamp The Wax mix.

The Blueprint breaks down how Ida and Stamp The Wax shared a recent Diggers Directory mix.

Sub Club regular Ida became my new favourite artist in 2020 thanks to her mix on Stamp The Wax’s Digger Directory series.

This week’s Blueprint breaks down how Ida marketed the mix on Instagram and how Stamp The Wax sent the mix out to their newsletter subscribers.

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Stamp The Wax: The Brand


One afternoon, one of Stamp The Wax’s emails caught my attention.

“Techno. Breaks. Breakbeat. Vinyl. Us Techno.”

It was these buzzwords that got me to click ‘listen now’.

At the time, I had never heard of Ida or Savy Records. I listened to this mix because of my trust in the brand Stamp The Wax – not every artist in the scene gets to be featured on the Diggers Directory.

Ida – The Mix

The mix highlights Ida’s core musical influences.

After 45 minutes, I was on Ida’s Instagram. I instantly followed her, engaged with her post and commented about the mix. Sometimes all it takes is one quality mix on the right platform to turn a stranger into a fan.

Listen to the mix below:

Ida – The Marketing

Ida’s Stamp The Wax Diggers Directory Series mix was my favourite mix of 2020. What made me love this mix, even more, was how Ida marketed it.

Below is a break down of how Ida marketed the post on her Instagram:


When marketing a mix, copywriting is extremely important. Your call to action is that you want your audience to listen. The buzzwords used in the email above are consistent in Ida’s post alongside a personal approach that got me invested in her as an artist.

P1 – The Personal Touch

  • Ida straight away shares her excitement.
  • The buzzword vinyl-only appeals to her audience.
  • Tags Stamp The Wax.
  • Describes the kind of music you can expect from the mix.

P2 – Inspiration for Savy Records

  • Tells you that this mix means a lot to her.
  • Wants her audience to enjoy the mix as much as she does.
  • Reminded her of why she started DJing in the first place.
  • These tracks inspired her to start a label

P3 – Supports the artists in the mix

  • A personal shout-out to the artists featured in the mix
  • Call to action
  • Tags the writer of the article and the photographer who took the photos she shared

Ida – The Instagram Post

Ida shared an eight-asset Instagram carousel. The carousel included four images of Ida in her home studio, a screen recording of the interview online and audio snippets of the mix.


So many artists fall into the trap of sharing a static press picture with a simple logo or text over it when sharing a mix. The key is to link it to your mix. Ida knows her audience will respond best to a picture of her on the decks in her home studio.

Ida - how to market your mix |


The three images tie back to the description of the mix in the copy. These images of the vinyl sleeves of the records inspired Ida to begin Sävy Records.

You can read more about these records in the online interview.

💡 SOCIALLY SOUND TIP: Sharing audio assets of the tracks would also work (like this video here from Josh Hvaal‘s Hot Creations release).

Ida - how to market your mix |
Ida - how to market your mix |
Ida - how to market your mix |


The first video in the Instagram carousel is a screen recording of the whole interview hosted on the Stamp The Wax website.

💡 SOCIALLY SOUND TIP: This takes 5 seconds to do. It can be your blueprint on how to share press articles about you on Instagram. Getting people to click the link in bio to read interviews is hard. This is a quick and easy way to show them what they are looking for off Instagram.


Audio recordings from the mix make this post go from 3 stars to 5 stars. Adding audio alongside the caption adds that final dimension to get you excited to hear this mix. Ida screen recorded three selections from the mix, giving you a small preview of what to expect from the mix.

💡 SOCIALLY SOUND TIP: Screen recording your mix on Soundcloud/Mixcloud takes 30 seconds. You could select the tracks from your latest release to share or unreleased music coming soon.

The Results


How you tag your mix on platforms like Mixcloud is important.

This show reached:

• #5 in the global vinyl chart
• #6 in the global breaks chart
• #10 in the global breakbeat chart
• #26 in the global techno chart

Most importantly it turned me into a fan of the artist. Had events been taking place in 2020, I would have no doubt purchased a ticket to see Ida play off the back of this mix.

That’s it for another edition of The Blueprint. I hope this post gives you more inspiration on how to market your latest mix.

See you next Tuesday.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🔊


Ida: Instagram | Bandcamp

Stamp The Wax: Instagram | Website

Photography by Michael Hunter


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