Market your radio show like Charlie Tee.

Breaking down Charlie Tee's Instagram strategy.

Charlie Tee is a DJ and presenter (formerly Kiss FM).

Disclaimer: This article was written in 2021 before Charlie Tee left Kiss FM.

This weeks Blueprint focuses on how Charlie markets the ‘Feelings Mix’ on her Instagram with a weekly interview with artists to promote her weekly radio show and drive more listeners.

Remember the blueprint to success is right in front of you, you just have to look in the right places.

Charlie Tee – The Feelings Mix – What is it?

The Feelings Mix is a 10-minutes mash-up of styles. The idea is for the guest artist to choose a feeling and translate it into a 10-minute mix.

The Soundcloud playlist description reads:

“Music is such a visceral part of our human connection and emotions. For most of us, some of our favourite memories and defining life moments, are linked to music. With this in mind, we wanted to create a mix series, where DJs and producers get to showcase this amazing ideology.”

The mix is broadcast live on air to thousands of listeners live and then added to Charlie Tee’s Feelings Mix Playlist on her Soundcloud. Kiss FM listeners can also to Charlie’s show on-repeat for seven days on the Kiss FM app.

Charlie Tee – The Feelings Mix – Create a big moment

The Feelings Mix is Charlie Tee’s version of Annie Mac’s mini-mix.

Each week Charlie’s fanbase tune in to hear cutting edge music from their favourite artists. The mix is the flagship part of her weekly show that keeps her audience locked in from start to finish.

I have spoken a lot about creating a big moment in this newsletter. The Feelings Mix is Charlie’s big moment, it’s what gets her audience excited. The right mix is going to create a personal connection, leading to the audience talking about it on social media.

Charlie Tee – The Feelings Mix – Engaging with her audience

Charlie Tee is a triple threat. A DJ, presenter and journalist.

Charlie’s first step into the industry was an internship at DJ Mag in 2014 before joining Kiss FM. Charlie brings her journalism skills to her social media each week. You only have to watch a few minutes of the videos on her Instagram to see Charlie loves music. The Feelings Mix is about music discovery.

As a DJ, presenter, journalist and fan, she wants to know everything about the mix. What the feeling is. Why these tracks in the mixes inspired the artist in the first place? How did they feel when they first heard them? And how they plan to translate that feeling to her audience? 

Charlie Tee – The Feelings Mix – Instagram

Charlie uses Instagram to introduce the artist and the theme of the mix to her listeners before the show goes on air. This shows me that Charlie understands her audience and her listeners.

When Seb Zito talks about Bagleys in the interview below, Charlie asks Seb to describe the club and what it meant knowing full well that some of the Kiss FM listeners may not have been born when Bagleys closed.

The feeling that Seb chose was jungle and the early days of his clubbing memories at a number of clubs in London. This mix ties into the campaign for his debut album ‘Truth In My Steps’. Kiss FM’s audience is a perfect place for Seb to get the attention of a new audience.

Socially Sound Tip 💡

Note how Charlie and the Kiss FM create IGTV assets of the interviews. Using Zoom, Charlie interviews the artist but layers the guest on top or below herself so you can see the natural reactions during the conversation.

Below are five examples of how Charlie uses his Instagram to introduce the mix with an artist interview.

Seb Zito – Jungle

Lens – Welcome To London

A Little Sound – A Little Euphoria Mix

Maur – French Connection Mix

Josh Hvaal – Welcome to Room 2 Mix


That’s it for another edition of The Blueprint. Hopefully, this one helps you understand that having consistent features in your radio show that is social media friendly will help you get more attention to grow your listenership.

See you next week.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🔊

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