Create features for your radio show like Danny Howard.

This is how to make your radio show social media friendly.

Danny Howard BBC Radio 1 show leads the way for breaking new talent.

There has been a common theme in my newsletters – radio is more important than ever. With no clubs and festivals, artists have relied on radio shows to get their music heard.

Danny Howard has played a critical part in that. Danny hosts his show every Friday night on BBC Radio 1, championing the best in new music released that week. What stands out to me, is how Danny and his production team create features in his show.

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Radio Features

First of all, let’s talk through this social media post:

Friday Fire 🔥 @carlcoxofficial
Weekend Weapons 📞 @itsjohnsummit
Ibiza Sunset Moment 🌅 @annaturdj

These are the regular features of the show, alongside New Dance Friday. Consistent features bring a fresh line-up to the show each week.

This also allows artist managers, PR’s and labels to pitch features best suited to artists on their rosters.

New Dance Friday

New Dance Friday kicks off the show every week. Danny curates his playlist of the best music released that week, often supporting new music from artists who have previously featured his Future Fire and Weekend Weapons features.

When Danny talks, it’s all about the listener. Howard plugs the artist, the label and references a previous release he has supported before on the show, allowing the listener to search for the track to download or stream music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Danny Howard |

Friday Fire

Friday Fire is Danny’s version of Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune.

Friday Fire follows on from New Music Friday. By simply adding the title ‘Friday Fire’, Danny is using his influence to say this artist/track is one to look out for.

The title of ‘Friday Fire’ creates a moment on social media. See this post from MAUR, who share a ‘Friday Fire’ asset and a recording from the show. By creating an asset for the feature, artists and labels talk about Danny’s show, creating awareness to a new audience each week.

Weekend Weapons

Weekend Weapons was a regular feature on Danny’s previous 11 pm BBC Radio 1 slot.

On the June 11th show, Danny brought it back. The way it works is Danny raids the special guests USB and record box for their best-kept secrets. Danny wants exclusivity with this feature. He’s after exclusive bootlegs, edits or unreleased remixes that nobody else has.

For this episode of the show, Danny’s guest was John Summit. Danny interviewed John in a pre-recorded segment.

Ibiza Sunset Moment Track

This is a new feature for the show. The Ibiza Sunset Moment Track sees Danny invites a local resident DJ to the show each week to select the perfect sunset tune. This feature mirrors the time of the sunset in the U.K.

The first moment was selected by The Mambo Brothers. The second by Anna Tor.

The Club Mix

The Ibiza Sunset Moment is the perfect transition into The Club Mix. On two of his most recent shows, Danny uses the phrase “when the sun goes down, it’s time to party”. The Club Mix is where Howard goes onto the decks for ’45 minutes of pure vibes’.

BBC Radio 1 has always hyped ‘getting you ready for the weekend’. The Club Mix also gets the listeners involved. Believe it not people, still text into radio shows for shoutouts.

Then there’s Twitter. Twitter allows the listeners direct access to Danny live on the radio through one tweet. The most important part of your radio show is the listeners. They are the ones who will listen to your show every week.

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