Why radio shows are important for artists/labels.

Breaking down why you as an artist or label need a radio show to build your audience.

Here are six reasons why you as an artist or label need a radio show.

Radio shows are important for artists and labels in so many different ways.

This article breaks down six reasons and provides real-life examples for you to follow and learn from.

Build a loyal following.

Building an audience through with music in 2022 is extremely difficult. Yes, fans may follow you on social media because they hear one or two of your tracks on curated Spotify playlists or through YouTube’s algorithm but getting them to engage or follow you on social media from that initial contact is difficult. 

That’s why you need to give your audience something more than just music. Radio shows offer this as it something your fans can engage with regularly. Radio shows are something fans search for outside of Instagram and TikTok. If you are regularly talking about the same thing over and over again, fans will join you on the journey and consistently engage with you in that format. 

Build trust with your audience.

The best radio show hosts are the one’s who have the ability to communicate with their whole audience by speaking to them individually. Throughout lockdown, Moxie’s voice was another voice in the room. I’ve never met Moxie but I feel like I know her as a person because I’ve listened to her voice so often through my headphones. I feel the same about Mary Anne Hobbs, Annie Mac or Edith Bowman.

I trust all of these artists as they have consistently offered a platform for where I can discover new music and new artists through their show. When you have that trust, you can do anything and your audience will follow and support you – that’s when you create revenue opportunities. 

Support your favourite artists and labels.

The key to being a DJ is knowing your records. This will never change no matter how much the mediums do. You must know your records and find a way to showcase this. Your weekly/monthly radio show is your perfect place to do this. 

Not only does a radio show showcase the music you are currently feeling, it also gives you the opportunity to network with other artists and labels who will send you music to play on your show. Playing one artists track on your radio show opens the door for so many opportunities…now imagine you play 20 tracks on your show every week… imagine how many doors this could open for you by just doing this consistently… 

With a radio show, it also gives you the opportunity to play music you never normally would play in a club setting. Create an RnB show, play your favourite drum n bass or even create a hip-hop show. You never know, this might be the perfect way to find new fans through a different genre. 

Invite guests to grow your audience.

One of the opportunities networking with your favourite artists could lead to is inviting X artist on your radio show with a guest mix. Guest mixes open up opportunities in so many ways – they are one of the key ways to get your radio show out there to a totally new audience. 

X artist’ talks about you on their social media > ‘X artist’ supports other artists who could then post about you and X artist on their social media. 

I call this piggy back riding on someone else’s audience. If their audience likes ‘artist X’ audience, they will likely like you too if you’re supporting similar artists. 

Announce exclusive announcements on air.

When you get to the point of having a loyal listenership or you are doing your show live with an engaged community then sharing exclusive announcements on your show is a killer way to engage your audience and to reward them for their support. 

Moxie uses her NTS show to share exclusive news about her label and her weekend gigs. This rewards her loyal listeners by making them feel like they being told news first, giving them the opportunity to get cheaper tickets or first option on products like limited pressed vinyl or merchandise. 

Radio shows are 24/7 around the world.

This is why radio is so underrated in the modern day landscape of streaming and algorithms. Radio is 24/7. If you are an artist or label without a radio show, artists all over the world are on the airwaves 24 hours a day. You just need to know when the artists who you feel would support your music are on air. 

My biggest tip is make a list or set yourself a notification each week so you can send your music to said artist so they can download your promos. Moxie is live on NTS every single Wednesday at 3 PM. Set yourself a remainder to send her music every Tuesday morning as that’s when she’s most likely to be checking promos or digging through Bandcamp. 

Learn Moxie’s Blueprint.

Socially Sound is now on YouTube. Learn how Moxie marketers her NTS radio show in the video below.

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