How to create social media content consistently.

Do the same thing for six months... see what happens.

“The secret to success is consistency.”

Social media and marketing 101.

“Find 1,000 ways to say the same thing” – Jack Butcher.

Last week I focused on how Will Clarke uses this model to share his Spotify playlist. The feedback was amazing.

This week I am going to show you a few more examples. There might even be a section on how I use this model for The Blueprint.

Remember, the blueprint to success is right in front of you. You just have to look in the right places.

Share your Spotify playlist like Will Clarke

If you missed last week’s newsletter, here’s a quick recap. 

Will updates his Shopify playlist every Monday with 50+ new tracks. Instead of just saying that and sharing the same artwork, Will uses clever captions and personal lifestyle photos to encourage you to engage with his post first.

Will then trusts that you will trust his music selection and search for the playlist afterwards. After the caption, he tags a selected number of artists, who then engage with his post.

It works. His Spotify playlist has 19,163 followers.

Read: The Blueprint #018: Share your Spotify playlist like Will Clarke

Market your radio show like Moxie

If you’re new around here, you might not have read this newsletter.

#004 was one of the first newsletters I ever wrote. It focuses on how Moxie markets her weekly NTS Radio Show. 

Every Wednesday between 3-5 pm, Moxie locks in and engages with the NTS community and listeners at home by hosting her two-hour radio show.

Each week Moxie’s show is the same but different. One week, Moxie will do a dubstep special. The next might be a garage special. The week after, Moxie might invite another artist to share a guest mix.

The consistency translates into her social media. Moxie summarises her radio show by letting her audience know what artists featured on last weeks show. She then lets them know what is coming up next. She does this by sharing a picture of herself and a tracklist every Wednesday morning.

Read: #004: Market your radio show like Moxie

Create studio content like Rachel Collier

Here is a sneak peek into the next Blueprint.

Rachel Collier is a live artist and producer from the U.K. As well as performing live and producing music, Rachel creates production courses.

On social, Rachel shares her creative process. By offering value to her audience for free, she can monetise her content by selling music and courses.

Here are three examples of how she creates Reels on Instagram.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

The Blueprint #020: Create studio content like Rachel Collier drops next week. 

The Socially Sound Blueprint

Yep, this is happening. The Blueprint on The Blueprint.

Help artists think like marketers.

My whole business model is built on this one sentence.

Every Tuesday, I provide real-life examples from the top artists in the scene to help artists think like marketers. I do this with a newsletter.

Every newsletter I publish follows the same framework. All that changes is the examples.

On social media, I share carousels that follow the same framework. All that changes is the colour of the assets.

So how can you use this model?

In my coaching sessions and my course, I have this framework called Gold Content.

Gold Content is the content you can create consistently every week. Will Clarke, Moxie and Rachel Collier have theirs. What about you? 

Once you have this gold content, you will find that your strategy builds around it. Then all you have to do is think of 1,000 different ways to say the same thing.

If you need any help on this, get in touch about The Socially Sound Membership here.

See you next week.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🔊

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