Listen to The Syntho Podcast by Josh Baker w/ Andrew Leese

Last week, I was a guest on Josh Baker’s Syntho Podcast. The podcast is now available on YouTube and Spotify

This week I wanted to focus on the podcast itself and how building a career in the music industry doesn’t have to revolve around making music. You can start anywhere. Every headline music artist has a team of creatives with different skill sets.

As a marketer and business owner, I am a part of a team for my clients and my Socially Sound Members.

Remember, the blueprint for success is right in front of you. You just have to look in the right places.

The Syntho Podcast 18 – Andrew Leese

After 17 artists and label owners on the podcast, I am the first non-DJ guest on the podcast. 

Josh and I talk about:

  • How I got my start in the music industry
  • What Socially Sound is and how it can help artists
  • How Josh uses the podcast to create awareness of The Syntho Hub – a community of music producers who want to become better producers.

The Syntho Podcast by Josh Baker


Josh started The Syntho Podcast nine months ago. All the artists featured on the podcast have similar fan bases. If you like one of these artists music, you will naturally progress and discover other like-minded artists and labels within the same crews.

The following guests also fit into that demographic – RossiLaidlawOllie RiderBen BalanceBen RauCasey SpillmanLauren Lo Sung and Sam Bangura are all connected through crews like FUSE, VBX, BE9, SlapFunk, Half Baked and Animal Crossing.

One of the elements to building an audience is strength in numbers. 


Josh is building an audience on YouTube. Thanks to the podcast, Josh’s channel has grown from 0 to over 600 subscribers. The first 1,000 subscribers on any channel are hard. Once you reach that landmark, it gets easier.

The podcast itself now has over 17,000 views on the channel. The channel will grow naturally over time due to the YouTube algorithm. The podcast offers value to emerging electronic music producers for free – just like The Socially Sound Blueprint does for me and my Socially Sound audience.

That’s it for another Socially Sound Blueprint. Thank you to everybody who has already listened to the podcast and sent me a message. I really appreciate it.


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