The ultimate Instagram course for artists, labels, promoters and industry creatives in the electronic music industry in 2022.

Course Information

Social media in a language you understand.

Instagram has changed, and so should your strategy!

The Instagram Masterclass course will breakdown what’s new on Instagram in 2022 in a language you as an artist, label owner, promoter or industry creative will understand.

The electronic music community does not live in the real-world of dancing on TikTok and trips to Dubai in the latest Influencer clothing campaign.

We’re a community of misfits with music and live events at the core of our industry, who like dancing in dark rooms and at festival stages to loud music created from machines and technology.

This course is designed for you to understand how the online world as an artist works. The first part of the course focuses on the world of Instagram in 2022. The second part of the course focuses on how Instagram is the key awareness platform that drives traffic to other platforms through clicks and search.

Online attention spans are short but in the real world attention spans are the total opposite. The artists, labels and promoters who can capture attention online and keep it offline will win.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: How to post on Instagram in 2022.

The Instagram Algorithm is always changing and it’s impossible to stay on top of the latest trends. This creates confusion and causes so many questions on what type of post will perform the best.

Is your next post a reel? A carousel? A photo? A story? Multiple stories? A video? How long does the video need to be? What’s the perfect video length?

Too many artists and labels focus on one post at a time and don’t focus on the end goal of the campaign.

This can be simplified by simply answering the following question, what are you trying to get your audience to do? And how will it help us achieve the end goal?

Lesson 2: The Instagram Algorithm in 2022 Explained..

There are so many ways to post on Instagram and so many myths about how the algorithm works. Lesson 2 will focus on how the algorithm works in 2022 and how you as an artist, label, promoter or industry creative can get the most out of it to engage/monetise your audience.

The Instagram Algorithm works on a points system that are rewarded on positive or negative engagements by its users and your audience.

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    Meet your Instructor.

    For the past decade, Andrew Leese has created and executed marketing campaigns with leading artists, labels, news publications, and conferences in the electronic music industry.

    For years, Andrew headed up the social media for Ibiza Spotlight before moving to London to head up the digital marketing for FUSE London.

    Andrew founded Socially Sound – a membership platform that helps artists think like marketers through one-to-coaching, courses, and live webinars. 

    His current clients include Maceo Plex, Ellum Audio, Archie Hamilton, Moscow Records, Ronnie Spiteri and Kevin Knapp.

    Andrew Leese