Learn how the Socially Sound Framework can help you build your artist brand.

Welcome to Socially Sound.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to building your dream career in the music industry, but there are principles that once you see them, you can’t unsee them.

These principles are the foundation of Socially Sound – a business that pairs my unique experiences and interests with the mechanics that drive social media and marketing campaigns for artists, record labels and events.

What is Socially Sound?

Socially Sound produces content strategies and marketing campaigns for the leading artists and brands in the electronic music scene. As a business, Socially Sound analyses data from your website and social media channels to help you understand and monetise your audience.

On the other side of the business, Socially Sound founder Andrew Leese also helps over 90 artists and labels with planning and executing social media strategies.

The Socially Sound Framework.

Every campaign Socially Sound creates is built from the ground up using The Socially Sound Framework.

The Socially Sound Framework brings together three key content pillars and six key principles to help you build your fanbase, create engagement and earn revenue.

The Three Content Pillars

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What our members say.

“I thought the Socially Sound Membership was going to be all about social media. It’s about way more than that.”
– Ryan Willott (Artist)

“I first heard Andrew speak on a podcast. At that point, I had released two EPs in four years. Since joining Socially Sound, I’ve had a release and signed 3 more EPs to record labels. I also co-own a record label and have my own radio show on Data Transmission.”
– Ryan Libby (Artist)

“If it wasn’t for Andrew, nobody would have come to our festival.”
– HereAfter Festival

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Socially Sound Clients.
We work with leading electronic music artists and labels.





Archie Hamilton


Moscow Records


Ronnie Spiteri


The Socially Sound Blueprint.
Real-life examples every Tuesday.

#014: The Warehouse Project launch – Part 1
The Blueprint

#014: The Warehouse Project launch – Part 1

The Warehouse Project sets the standard.
#013: Market your radio show like Charlie Tee
The Blueprint

#013: Market your radio show like Charlie Tee

#013 breaks down Charlie Tee’s Instagram strategy.
#012: Launch an event like FUSE – A Timeline
The Blueprint

#012: Launch an event like FUSE – A Timeline

A timeline of how FUSE launched a 7,000 capacity event in London.
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