How Sasha turned LUZoSCURA into a brand.

This is how Sasha and his team have evolved his LUZoSCURA Spotify playlist into a brand.

Sasha’s LUZoSCURA playlist is my favourite playlist on Spotify.

Throughout the pandemic, the playlist has helped me find a lot of producers who are creating ambient and breakbeat, two genres that have become more important to me than ever.

Now as the world begins to open up, Sasha and his team are following signals from his loyal fan base and coming up with ways to develop LUZoSCURA from a Spotify playlist to a brand.

This weeks Blueprint is a masterclass in consistency and how a simple idea for a playlist can be evolved into a brand with multiple levels over time.

Remember the blueprint to success is right in front of you, you just have to look in the right places.

LUZoSCURAThe Playlist

Sasha started his LUZoSCURA playlist in 2019 alongside close friend Benjamin Dumazot.

The playlist is a step away from the tracks you would normally hear in a Sasha club set. The main focus is on the ambient side of breakbeat – something Sasha has been listening to for inspiration at home and in his studio.

LUZoSCURA now features over 16 hours of music (190 tracks) and has almost 10,000 followers on Spotify. The description of the playlist reads:

“Beautiful light and inspirational darkness that I’ve been listening to in the studio and at home.”

LUZoSCURA The Branding

The word ‘luz oscura’ translates to ‘dark light’ in Spanish.

The translation above is the key to this whole project. Elements of beautiful light and inspirational darkness are consistent throughout, whether it be the name of the playlist, the sound, or the architectural imagery featured regularly on his social media.

LUZoSCURA is updated bi-weekly and shared to Sasha’s social media channels with an animated 4×5 asset with no sound. This is a unique approach in itself as the whole project is focused on sound. The video assets are 3-15 seconds long, with a simple text template added as a layer, spelling out LUZoSCURA in capital letters.

The text template is key to all of LUZoSCURA branding. As the brand evolves, all the assets change to fit the product, while the text template remains consistent throughout.


  • You can create a simple text template like this on Adobe Photoshop or After Effects.

LUZoSCURA – The Event

With cases down and the world looking like it would open up at the end of 2020, Sasha teamed up with London-based club promoters Percolate to announce the first-ever LUZoSCURA club show at Alexander Palace in London.


In a social media post on the date of the launch, Sasha said:

“LUZoSCURA initially started as a Spotify playlist, although as time has evolved, and more music and demos have landed my way resonating to this sound, I’ve realised there’s an entire world around it. After months of keeping my head down in the studio, I’m finally able to start showcasing it.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19, this event has been rescheduled for May 2021 after selling out in a matter of hours.

See the Facebook event for updates.


In the next step of the evolution of LUZoSCURA, Sasha has recently confirmed the first LUZoSCURA compilation with 21 exclusive tracks from artists including MJ Cole, Rival Consoles and Nocow.

In a press release, Sasha confirmed:

“For the first time in over 20 years, I had no reference point for banging club music, so I gravitated towards the LUZoSCURA playlist. I threw more energy into curating it because the sound felt right for that time, and I quickly realised I wanted to make some of my own music with this theme.”

The compilation also includes three brand new Sasha tracks and will be released in both mixed and unmixed formats, on triple vinyl, CD and digital through Sasha’s new label Alkaane and !K7.

You can pre-order and purchase this on Sasha’s Bandcamp.

Listen to Sasha’s “HNDI” below. This was first played as an unknown ID in Sasha’s Burning Man – Dusty Multiverse set last October.


LUZoSCURA – The Radio Show

A LUZoSCURA radio show is the final piece of the jigsaw.

On Friday 19th March, Sasha announced the monthly radio show would be exclusive to Ibiza-based radio station Open Lab:

“LUZoSCURA is a step away from tracks which you would hear in my club sets. I don’t normally get to play this kind of music by artists and producers that are pushing the envelope with their sound. I have been listening to and inspired by this sound over the last weird year. Very happy to share it with you on @openlabradio. Hope you enjoy.”

As I mentioned in #004 with Moxie, radio is the perfect opportunity to let people know what you have coming up. In the intro and the outro, Sasha reveals all the secrets from the forthcoming album including news on a new collaboration with Laura. Laura performed live with Sasha at The Roundhouse and has worked with Sasha on tracks releases on Scene Delete and Late Night Tales.

The next instalments of LUZoSCURA will air on OpenLab on the following dates:

  • 002 – Friday 16th April (19.00 BST/20.00 CET)
  • 003 – Friday 14th May (19.00 BST/20.00 CET)

See Openlab’s website for the tracklist and more info.

Listen to LUZoSCURA 001 below.

Artist: Sasha
Luzoscura playlist collaborator: Benjamin Dumazot
Manager: Maren Brombeiss
Management Assist: Noah van Putten
Marketing: Handmade Media
Label: Alkaane (via !K7)

That’s it for another edition of The Blueprint. Hopefully, this one will give you plenty of ideas on how to evolve your brand. It can all start with a simple idea like a playlist.

See you next Tuesday.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🔊


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