How artists are using Broadcast Channels

How artists are using Broadcast Channels

How artists are using Broadcast Channels

How artists are using Broadcast Channels

10th October 2023

10th October 2023

10th October 2023

10th October 2023

Welcome back to Season 3 of The Blueprint.

Bibi's return felt like the perfect return for The Blueprint.

This week we are focusing on something different. Instagram Broadcast channels are the latest 'thing' for you to know about. Not everyone has one yet but those who do are getting excited about their potential.

In this episode of The Blueprint, I am going to show you how Enzo Siragusa, Rossi, and Maxinne are using their channels to engage their audience.

If you make it to the deep end, one of these artists has provided me with an exclusive quote on their Broadcast channel strategy.

You can join my Instagram Broadcast channel here or by heading to my Instagram profile and selecting the new tab underneath my bio link.

What is an Instagram Broadcast channel?

Instagram Broadcast Channels are the new way to connect with your audience directly without worrying about reach, impressions, and views through voice notes, photos, videos, and links.

Your audience can't reply to you with comments but they can react with emojis or send you a DM to start a conversation.

Here's an example of my first post on my Instagram channel:

How do you create a Broadcast Channel?

Right now, Instagram is rolling out Broadcast Channels across the U.K. and Europe after testing them in the States for the last six months.

Artists like Rossi and Enzo Siragusa were able to roll out their channels instantly. I was lucky I was able to activate mine on September 19th.

On your profile (where you can see your bio and posts), click the + button in the top right-hand corner. This menu (below) will come up. If you have the 'Channel' option at the bottom, you can start engaging your audience through a Broadcast channel today.

If it doesn't, hold tight. Hopefully, by the beginning of 2024, they will be rolled out to everyone.

How Rossi is using his Broadcast channel

Rossi was the first UK artist I saw activate his channel.

His first update was a welcome message and a short studio video.

Rossi then used his Instagram Broadcast channel to announce the venue for the first-ever Homegrown event in London by sharing a Reel directly into his Channel.

Channels have instant engagement as your audience receives an Instagram story notification. You can share a Reel from your page into your channel to increase your engagement.

Rossi has recently spent a week away in a cabin in the woods. He shared a few behind-the-scenes clips exclusively into the channel asking for feedback on what he was working on in the studio.

My Rating: 8/10

How Enzo Siragusa is using his Instagram Channel

Enzo's channel is called 'The Life Of E'.

In his first message, he mentioned that he has never felt comfortable sharing personal stuff on social media but saw a Broadcast Channel as a way to change that.

At first, Enzo shared some behind-the-scenes of his studio process and how he digs through records ahead of gigs.

Unfortunately, he has deleted these videos and has only left promotional content for FUSE's 15th Birthday and his latest release on AUS.

Enzo's start was everything you wanted from him in a more personal environment but he hasn't posted on his channel since September 21st.

My Rating: 4/10

How Maxinne is using her Broadcast Channel

The artist who I see using her Channel regularly is Maxinne.

Maxinne and I have been regularly chatting the last few weeks sharing ideas and testing them out in our own Channels.

Within the Broadcast Channel, you can create polls and ask your audience to respond. This a basic marketing 101 tactic - market for signals, not sales.

Signals allow you to get an understanding of what your audience wants.

By asking her Channel audience where they were from, Maxinne discovered she has 21 different countries within her community. That means she can share behind the scenes of touring and her audience will look forward to her touring their city/country.

The next poll she ran asked her audience how they discovered her. The majority voted 'through her productions'. Maxinne can use her Channel to show behind-the-scenes of her in the studio, something her IG feed does not show much of due to how much time she spends touring.

My rating: 8.5/10

More from The Blueprint

Exclusive insight into Maxinne's Channel Strategy

For the first time in The Blueprint's history, I have an exclusive strategy insight from one of the artists mentioned.

"I want to use my broadcast channel to give back to the people who support me, by giving them direct access to guest giveaways to my gigs, first listens to my upcoming releases, studio tips for the producers, and insight into what I’m working on.

It’s a useful way to connect with my audience on a more one-to-one level and give them a closer insight into my life.

My stories have a bigger audience compared to my broadcast channel therefore the engagement is higher in terms of reactions. However, I feel like my audience on my broadcast channel is more connected in real-time."

The Deep End

If you made it to the Deep End, I appreciate you.

I love writing this newsletter and over the next few weeks, I am going to share more about why it's the engine of Socially Sound in my Broadcast channel.

You can join by clicking here.

See you next week.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🧢


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