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Welcome to Socially Sound.

Socially Sound is a private membership platform designed to help artists and industry figures in the music industry network, learn and grow.

There are so many platforms helping artists with music production but nobody is helping them how to market it.

Until now.

Socially Sound is flued by real-life examples.

It all starts with The Socially Sound Blueprint. 👇

Andrew Leese
Founder of Socially Sound

The Socially Sound Blueprint.
Real-life examples every Tuesday.

#017: How Animal Crossing became Animal Crossing
The Blueprint

#017: How Animal Crossing became Animal Crossing

Line-ups, colourful artwork and animate characters.
#016: Create features for your radio show like Danny Howard
The Blueprint

#016: Create features for your radio show like Danny Howard

This is how to make your radio show social media friendly.
#015: How The Warehouse Project launched  REPERCUSSION
The Blueprint

#015: How The Warehouse Project launched REPERCUSSION

Repercussion is a brand new festival by The Warehouse Project, Boiler Room and Keep It Unreal.
#014: The Warehouse Project launch – Part 1
The Blueprint

#014: The Warehouse Project launch – Part 1

The Warehouse Project sets the standard.
#013: Market your radio show like Charlie Tee
The Blueprint

#013: Market your radio show like Charlie Tee

#013 breaks down Charlie Tee’s Instagram strategy.
#012: Launch an event like FUSE – A Timeline
The Blueprint

#012: Launch an event like FUSE – A Timeline

A timeline of how FUSE launched a 7,000 capacity event in London.

Introducing The Socially Sound Membership.

The Socially Sound Membership ties together all the real-life examples of The Socially Sound Blueprint.

Learn how to:

• Market your music
• Create personal content
• Share your mix
• Launch your event

What the members say:

“This community is amazing, everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been super positive.”

– Levi Osbourne (Maple Avenue)

Fun Fact
Socially Sound has 63 members and counting. 🕺

Socially Sound Membership.
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Ideas - Socially Sound

Introducing One to One Coaching.

Work with me one to one.

Plan and execute your marketing strategy with a coach in your corner.

What the members say:

“I thought The Socially Sound Membership was all about social media. It’s not. It forces you to look at the bigger picture.”

– Ryan Willmott (Artist)

Fun Fact
Socially Sound turned 1️⃣ on June 7 🎂

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Socially Sound Success Stories.
Music Releases.

Archie Hamilton - Socially Sound

Archie Hamilton – Resurrection [Moss Co]

A premiere on Blanc, a music video and support from fans helped A-side Resurrection reach #1 on the Beatport Minimal/Deep Tech chart.

Jim Rider - Socially Sound

Jim Rider – Popcorn & Politics [TRYBESof]

Jim Rider’s EP on Lee Burridge’s sub-label dominated Beatport’s Organic House chart with all five tracks making the top 20.

Jim Rider - Socially Sound

Josh Hvaal – Getting Better [Hot Creations]

Josh Hvaal’s return to Hot Creations got the attention of Pete Tong and BBC Radio 1. Socially Sound mapped out the artist strategy.

The Socially Sound Framework.
Events – The Paid Ad Funnel.

Discotech - Socially Sound

Discotech Open Air

* Ongoing Campaign
To celebrate their nine-year anniversary, Discotech launched their biggest event yet.

By following the Socially Sound Framework and using our paid ad funnel, Discotech has sold 70% of its tickets in 3 weeks.

Reborn - Socially Sound


* Ongoing Campaign
Following the cancellation of their first event, Reborn relocated to E1 London.

By following the Socially Sound Framework and using our paid ad funnel, Reborn has sold over 50% of its tickets.

Here After - Socially Sound

HereAfter Festival

* Ongoing Campaign
HereAfter Festival is a brand new open-air event in Congleton in Staffordshire.

The event has sold over 30% of its tickets in its first week by connecting with its audience through conversation.

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