How Rossi. launched Homegrown

How Rossi. launched Homegrown

How Rossi. launched Homegrown

How Rossi. launched Homegrown

The story so far.

The story so far.

The story so far.

The story so far.

21st November 2023

21st November 2023

21st November 2023

21st November 2023

Rossi's audience has seen his journey from a keen London DJ to one of the most popular names in the underground tech house scene.

Let's get into it.

The Radio Show

Homegrown started as a radio show in 2018.

The first show was broadcast on Ibiza Underground Radio. The first episode opens with Rossi mentioning that Homegrown is a platform to showcase the best new British talent.

Over time the Homegrown radio show has featured up-and-coming artists across Europe and South America, showcasing how Ross's network and audience have grown in the last four years.

​Here's the playlist of the mixes - I recommend the Mad.Again mix.​

The name

The name Homegrown is a powerful one. It relates to Ross' own story as an artist. It also relates to his audience and their stories. Everyone loves seeing a homegrown talent coming through and following their dream.

In a recent post, Rossi said:

"Homegrown has always been about exploration. Sharing artists, music, ideas, styles, and culture from different corners of the globe."

The label

Rossi. launched the Homegrown label in June 2022.

The Welcome EP featured four of the most requested IDs from Ross' sets including the instantly recognisable bassline of Find Your Way.

Since the launch of the label, Homegrown has only released three releases as Rossi finds his feet balancing touring and the commitments of having a label and mix series.

The artwork

The Homegrown label artwork is hand-drawn illustrations.

Each design is different and suited to the title or the artist on the label. The first release features a cartoon version of a DJ mixing two records on a turntable. The second release is a female playing cards. The third release is a cartoon dog to suit the character of the artist - Mad.Again.

Straight away you can see these designs on the back of a t-shirt.

The clothing

Homegrown's merchandise drops have played a big part in the label's rise. The new generation of ravers feels more connected to artists than ever. The key is to bring your audience along with you for the ride.

Rossi's launch merch feels very similar to how Sorley has created Soul93 - an organic process that is based on limited edition drops to create that exclusivity with the audience.

The pop-up event

I feel like I have talked about popup events more than anything else in 2023.

Rossi hosted an intimate house party event in Soho London last summer with Laidlaw and Mad.Again on the lineup. The photo album above shows the intimate house party vibes with some fans wearing the Homegrown merch to the event.

The first Homegrown event

The popup event in London set up what was to come. The first official Homegrown event took place in the ArcelorMittal Orbit in Queen Elizabeth Park London.

If you're wondering where this venue is, it's this below. This is a unique location in London. The venue has one of the best views of the city, looking out from East London to central London.

At sunset, this venue is a special place. That's why Rossi played at sunset and then closed the night b2b with Georgia Girl.

The Deep End

Here's the final thing I want to share.

I love the line "Our parties aren't just about lineups - they're about adventure."

If you've made it this far and you're thinking about launching a brand - really think about how you are going to take your audience with you on an adventure. It's them you are doing it for after all.

Peace ✌️

Andrew at Socially Sound 🧢