How Seth Troxler launched Slacker85

How Seth Troxler launched Slacker85

How Seth Troxler launched Slacker85

How Seth Troxler launched Slacker85





Now then, welcome to the final Blueprint of 2023.

Seth Troxler promised things would get weird with his new label Slacker85. He was right.

My intern Alex is about to launch his own event YeahNiceee in London with an event in a pub. Seth Troxler has just played to 50 people in a pub in Manchester before Circoloco at The Warehouse Project. Imagine that down your local. I thought it made sense for Alex to do the research for this one.

Let's see what Alex has learned about the launch.

Seth Troxler and Slacker85 Manchester

Slack Off Manchester marks the beginning of a brand new pop-up event series by Seth Troxler. He promised things would get weird. What's weirder than Seth Troxler awkwardly pulling pints behind the bar in your local?

Seth has always been up for fun ideas. Launching this event series just a few hours before he was closing Circoloco back-to-back with Skream at The Warehouse Project is a genius move. The video shared online from the pub is ​Seth playing Oasis - Wonderwall​.

I believe Andrew calls this a gold moment...

How did Seth launch the event?

You guessed it - an Instagram Broadcast channel.

Seth actually has two channels - one that focuses on himself and one for his label. The flyer was also shared on Seth's feed as a collaborator post with the label.

The label launch

Seth launched Slacker85 on July 18th with an animated drawing of himself. Seth has three eyes, a vinyl, a rollercoaster ride, and the number 85 coming out of his head.

Here's the caption Seth shared to announce the label:

Welcome, the playground is open. This is my latest fantasy – and my new label. My swan song, my legacy act. I’ve never had a label just for me. All my ideas, no filter. No compromise. I’m sick of cool, of posture. I wanted to make something that represented me, you, and everyone I know. The anti-hero, the kids who could have done it but didn’t care to try. The slacker. And believe me, it’s going to get weird. A channel into my strange, dark, and bizarre mind. Join me.”

Slacker001 - Digital and vinyl

Seth Troxler - Pills is the first of four singles on Slacker001.

10 days after the launch of the label, Jackmaster announced his single Let's Go with an emotional post about his relationship with Seth.

Groulish, Cesar Merveille, and Andre Baum also feature on the release. Each single was released two weeks apart. Every artist shared an animated drawing of them as a collaborator post with Slacker85. This has helped the label build its audience to over 4k followers.

You can see the drawings below on the final artwork for the vinyl sleeve.

The Ibiza billboards

If you have the budget to do it, physical marketing still works; especially if you write the rich are tasteless on a billboard in Ibiza.

The merchandise

Ever wanted to wear a t-shirt that says I'm here to fuck?

Well, now you can.

Seth did say this would get weird.

The Deep End

Troxler’s first release Pills came out on the 19th of July and the subsequent vinyl for the finished EP was announced on the 6th of September.

The entire campaign was stretched over a period of 6 weeks, culminating in the finale of a physical product. I highlighted the timeline that ​salute followed in my previous Blueprint. This feels very similar. Maybe there is a pattern for us all to follow in the future.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Follow me on Instagram at ​@ruse_muse​ and check out my new brand ​@yeahnicee​. I'm hosting my first event on Saturday 9th December in Islington.

See you soon.

Alex at Socially Sound 😁