How Sorley launched Soul93

How Sorley launched Soul93

How Sorley launched Soul93

How Sorley launched Soul93

This is how he did it ⏸️

This is how he did it ⏸️

This is how he did it ⏸️

This is how he did it ⏸️

7th November 2023

7th November 2023

7th November 2023

7th November 2023

Since the launch of The Blueprint, there has only been one artist who has been featured more than once. Bicep's album launch in 2021 needed three parts.

This week's Blueprint focuses on Sorley for the second time. Sorley recently launched his brand new label Soul93. This is how he did it.

If you make it to the deep end, Sorley has provided me with an exclusive insight into the strategy that helped him create awareness for the brand before the launch.

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What has Sorley done to get to this point?

Sorley's involvement in Sunderland event brand Haze was what put him on the map. Haze ran regular events from 2013 to 2017. The event now takes place once a year on Boxing Day.

Earlier this year Sorley toured the U.K. with his Streetbox tour. As a producer, Sorley has previously released on Cuttin Headz, Revival, Knee Deep In Sound, Dftd, and many more.

Sorley was featured in ​The Blueprint in 2021​ when he documented the behind-the-scenes of creating 30 tracks in 30 days.

What is Soul93?

Soul93 is Sorley's new record label. A social post described the new brand as follows:

"SOUL93 is for the dreamers and doers. True artistry and creativity thrive when individuals are “free” to express themselves without constraints. We celebrate the raw, the genuine, and the innovative because that’s where the real magic happens."

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The merchandise launch

Sorley first posted content of him wearing the Soul93 merch in May. The first social post mentioning the brand came a few months later in August.

Wearing the merch for months before the launch created brand awareness and curiosity from his audience. When Soul93 was first mentioned on Sorley's socials, he was keen to push that the merchandise would be a limited edition run with the first round of orders never being made again.

This created exclusivity and gave his audience the opportunity to buy into the label from day one. The pre-order ended at the end of September. The first 10 customers received an invite to the launch party in October.

Soul93 - The launch party

The Soul93 launch party was an invite-only event at Newcastle venue Hidden Heights.

Sorley answered questions in a Q&A, sold merchandise, and even teamed up with Tyne Bank Brewery in Newcastle to create his own Soul93 craft beer and tin design for the event.

Multiple revenue streams are important for an artist in 2023 but what's even more important is the vision of the artist to take the risks and to continue being creative.

When you have created enough depth as an artist, your audience will repay your faith by showing up and supporting you on the journey.

The label launch

Speaking Soul featuring Goux was released on Friday 13th October - one week after the launch event.

The launch party after-movie premiered the debut single on the label.

​Watch the video here​.

The Deep End

A key part of the story of Soul93 is Sorley's partner Faye.

Faye is an artist who has been involved in the whole branding of Soul93.

One of the most important aspects of building a brand from scratch is to have a team of people who are as invested in the brand as you. Faye's unique skillset allows Sorley to focus on his strengths as an artist.

In the Blueprint in 2021, Sorley mentioned he approaches Instagram like a personal diary. Soul93 is the latest project in a long line of career landmarks. After speaking to Loui on WhatsApp over the last few days, one thing he said to me stood out:

"I feel free"

Is there anything more important to an artist than freedom?

Here are a few exclusive photos that show behind-the-scenes of the launch event and the creative process of Soul93.

See you next week.

Andrew at Socially Sound 🧢