How to share content live from events

How to share content live from events

How to share content live from events

How to share content live from events

How to create FOMO and grow your audience

How to create FOMO and grow your audience

How to create FOMO and grow your audience

How to create FOMO and grow your audience

10th May 2023

10th May 2023

10th May 2023

10th May 2023

Socially Sound was in charge of the media team at Under in Peterborough last weekend.

This week's newsletter is a list of the dos and the don't of posting live content at a daytime event.

Happy scrolling 📲

  1. Create a brief and a Dropbox folder in advance

Media teams need a brief - even the best in the game. At the top of the brief, make the Dropbox link for your content visible and double-check they have access and if they have any questions when they arrive on site.

DO ✅

  • Create a brief for your team

  • Create a Dropbox link for them to upload content too

  • Create a WhatsApp group for your media team to improve comms

  • Airdrop is your best friend when you are outdoors


  • Just expect your media team to know what you want

The Dropbox Folder

Inside this folder, you need individual folders for each of your media teams. Inside those folders, you need two more folders:

  1. Vertical/Story

  2. Landscape/Wide

Briefing your media team on how you want the content delivered is absolutely essential. We live in a vertical world so you want your vertical content separate from your landscape content. That makes posting live a lot easier when you are doing carousels, Reels and Stories.

How to title your content

This is so important and so undervalued. Ask your media team to title the photos properly. When I am in the moment of a rave, the speed I can distribute content is very important.

DO ✅

  • Maur 5 Story

  • Maur 5 Wide


  • DJ_1252

  • DJ_1253

  1. Create a place for your media team to work

Venues like Printworks have offices backstage of the event where media teams are able to create content live on-site. This is not always that easy outside but creating a safe area that is undercover to protect equipment is an essential part of live content creation. Photographers and videographers have expensive equipment - it needs to be kept safe and dry.

DO ✅

  • Create a safe space for your team to work in

  • Be organised


  • Let people backstage who do not need to be there

  • Ruin people's equipment

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Now let's talk about sharing on social media.

Post 1 - The Doors Are Now Open Post

If you're doors open at 12 PM, post at 12 PM that your doors are open.

This shows people with tickets that your event has now started. This generates excitement for the ones who are on their way to the event. It also shows your audience all of your hard work.

Here's an example of the content me and my team shared on  Day 1  on the event brand's page. Above is the image I shared on my personal Instagram to let my audience know I was at this event. This can work for you as well on both your personal and event brand social.


  • Make the image clean and simple

  • Shoot the photo from the DJ decks to the dance floor to from the dance floor to the stage

  • Include yourself in the photo

  • Share other information in this post such as set times and key information about the location


  • Expect people to just know your event is happening - they don't

  • Have staff, ladders and other equipment in view (you need to look ready!)

Post 2 - Stories

Now that you have posted on the feed, you now want to move your content to your stories - this gives you more opportunities to be creative with your content.

DO ✅

  • Show people arriving

  • Mention your residents

  • Show off your venue/location from different angles


  • Show your party looking empty

  • Tell people it's going off when it's clearly not


  • Create content using your phone from in front of the artist - not behind them

Organise a drop time with your media team

Now this is very important.

If you are able to share content live from your event, it's important your media team knows what content you want and what time you want it.

On Sunday, Charlie Tee was playing at 6 PM. We wanted our media team on the dance floor for her whole set as it was the launch of her party Unitee. Charlie arrived at the venue at 3 PM, so we briefed our team to be there when she arrived and capture her checking out the venue, engaging with the dance floor and her friends. This post when out at 5.30 PM.

DO ✅

  • Be aware of the best time to post

  • Understand when your artists are arriving at the venue

  • Brief your media team with the content you want them to edit and drop


  • Post too late - you want to create hype and FOMO

Here are two of the photos we shared of Charlie before her set.

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Some final tips:

  • Create photo opportunities for yourself by going the extra mile

The Mixology and Under team used local graffiti artists and painted the lineup on the venue under the bridge. We made a big deal of this and asked the artists to stand in front of it before they went on stage.

  • In your brief, encourage your artists to take photos of the dance floor from the stage.

  • Charlie Tee hosted the event and got on the microphone and engaged with the dance floor

That's it for this week's Blueprint. If you want to know more about my secrets, you will have to book me to manage your event this summer. Hit me up in those DMs.

To see more of the work we did this weekend, follow the Mixology and Under socials for more live content.

Peace ✌️

Andrew at Socially Sound 🧢

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