Learn how the Socially Sound Framework can help you build your artist brand.

Welcome to Socially Sound.

Socially Sound is a private membership platform designed to help artists, DJs and industry figures in the music industry network, learn and grow.

There are so many platforms helping artists and DJs with music production but nobody is helping them how to market it.

Until now.

For eight years, I have worked in the electronic music industry. Over time, I have developed my own ‘framework’. This framework works with artists at every level.

The Socially Sound Framework is the foundation of every strategy I build for artists, labels and promoters.

Andrew Leese
Founder of Socially Sound

Socially Sound Framework.
Content pillars are the foundation of the framework.

Archie Hamilton - Socially Sound


The key to building your audience as an artist is to get your fans to invest in who you are as a person.

Jim Rider - Socially Sound


When sharing your music, ask yourself what are you trying to get them to do – engage or purchase?

Jim Rider - Socially Sound


There are two kinds of events for a modern-day artist – virtual and physical. Both are essential for discovery.

Content Pillars.
Each pillar is split into two sections:

Archie Hamilton - Socially Sound


You – Who you are.

Lifestyle – What are you into?

Jim Rider - Socially Sound


Engage: Do you want your audience to listen and share?

Revenue: Do you want your audience to stream/download?

Jim Rider - Socially Sound


Virtual: How are you going to get discovered?

Physical: Where can your audience see you play?

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One to One Coaching Call
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Includes one year access to the:

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What our members say.

“I thought the Socially Sound Membership was going to be all about social media. It’s about way more than that.”
– Ryan Willott (Artist)

“I first heard Andrew speak on a podcast. At that point, I had released two EPs in four years. Since joining Socially Sound, I’ve had a release and signed 3 more EPs to record labels. I also co-own a record label and have my own radio show on Data Transmission.”
– Ryan Libby (Artist)

“If it wasn’t for Andrew, nobody would have come to our festival.”
– HereAfter Festival

Upgrade your Socially Sound membership.
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Membership Plus+

The perks of the membership plus+ three extra coaching calls to help you turn your ideas into results.

• Launch your event
• Increase your streams
• Get more attention

Membership Pro

You don’t lack time, you lack direction. Plan for the future with a six-month coaching programme.

• Set your goals
• Build your strategy
• Make it happen

Socially Sound Clients.
We work with leading electronic music artists and labels.

Maceo Plex


Ellum Audio


Archie Hamilton


Moscow Records


Ronnie Spiteri


The Socially Sound Blueprint.
Real-life examples every Tuesday.

#020: Share festival clips like Patrick Topping
The Blueprint

#020: Share festival clips like Patrick Topping

This is how Patrick Topping x10 his engagement on Facebook with one video.
#019: How to create social media content consistently
The Blueprint

#019: How to create social media content consistently

Do the same thing for six months… see what happens.
#018: Share your Spotify playlist like Will Clarke
The Blueprint

#018: Share your Spotify playlist like Will Clarke

If there is one thing Will Clarke loves more than music, it’s food.
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